Recipe Notes

Notes and tips for cooking Concepta's Curry Recipes

Food prep:

Opt for a pot instead of a frying pan for better depth when cooking. Employ a large cooking spoon with a long handle for thorough stirring and mixing.

Garlic/ginger paste:

To meet the recipe's one-tablespoon requirement for garlic and ginger, combine them. Achieve a paste-like consistency by grinding them with a microplane grater, in a blender or manual food processor, or using a mortar and pestle. Fresh ingredients are preferable to store-bought ground ones, which may alter the curry's taste due to added sugar and other ingredients.


Strive for grated or pureed consistency; while cubed is acceptable, pureeing ensures better blending into the gravy.


Potato sizes can vary, so adjust according to preference. Cook until very tender to absorb the curry flavor fully. For quicker cooking, microwave potatoes for 5-10 mins before adding to the recipe.


Feel free to choose any chicken cuts you like. Traditionally chicken is used with bone in as it adds the extra flavor to the recipe. Not only do the juices that pass into the meat enhance the flavor, but bones contain nutrients that are passed into the meat during cooking making it more nutrient-dense and healthy for you. (Quoted from an article on


White rice: Choose any type of plain white rice for your accompaniment. The curry itself is loaded with flavor so plain rice goes best with it. Other accompaniment options are naan, roti and white bread.

Whole spices:

You're welcome to remove any larger whole spices from the pot before serving, especially for those who may not be accustomed to them, ensuring a more comfortable dining experience.


Usually, curry pairs well with salads like carrot salad, or cucumber and tomato salad. You can find those recipes on the recipe page.