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Cook & Create

Join us for a unique fusion of creativity and culinary delight hosted by Concepta.

Start off prepping with Concepta as she guides you through the creation of authentic South African Indian curry. All ingredients  are fresh; cut, sliced and chopped from scratch.

Then, as the aromatic curry simmers, your artistic creations come to life as you immerse yourself in a hands-on arts or craft session led by Artist and Instructor, Lisa Richards, unlocking your artistic potential.

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Waldo, ME

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Cook with Concepta

Embark on a flavorful adventure with Concepta's South African Indian spice workshops and cooking classes. If you have a passion for cooking and a curiosity about the rich tapestry of South African Indian cuisine, you're in for a treat. Concepta invites you to go beyond the ordinary spice rack and delve into the heart of authentic flavors.

Saturday, August 17th, 2024 - 2:30 pm

Waldo, ME

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Upcoming Events

Come visit Concepta's Studio booth and explore our unique South African Indian spice blends, rubs, and more. Discover our cultural experiences, cooking workshops, and special retail items, including merchandise like logo t-shirts and aprons. Don't miss out on the flavors and fun – see you there! Always free samples of Concepta's Curry.


July 27th: Maine Artisan Bread Fair

August 4th: The Scone Festival


August 25th:  Bar Harbor’s Eden Farmers’ Market

August 31st: Maine Night Market



Meet Concepta

Born in Cape Town and raised in Durban, South Africa, I embody a multicultural heritage shaped by my East Indian father and mixed South African mother. South Africa, with its diverse blend of indigenous African, Dutch, British, Indian, and Malay influences, has cultivated a rich culinary experience. Having grown up in a multicultural home, I carry the DNA of authentic fusion of South African Indian cuisine, Durban curry to be precise. 

Now residing in Maine, where there is an appetite for diverse culinary experiences, I feel a responsibility to share my roots. I bring forth the simplicity and authenticity of homemade spice blends that encapsulate the unique identity of South African Indian cuisine. 

I’m not just about spices; I'm about sharing stories, inspiring palates, and embracing cultural diversity. Join me on a flavorful journey that celebrates identity, community, and the extraordinary history of South African Indians.

  • I have a very hard time getting the correct mixture of spices to bring out any sort of curry flavor. Concepta had nailed it. With her spices, she takes the frustration out and puts the full flavor in. Oh curry, how I love you.

    ~ J.Bragg

  • My family loves all things Indian cuisine, and we have been using Concepta’s curry mix for a few years. Concepta’s curry mix has the absolute best, most authentic flavors we can find in an at-home experience! Her ratio of spices in the mix makes it easy to control the spiciness level of the dish, while maintaining the classic Indian flavors. Simply mix with chicken and potatoes, or whatever vegetables you prefer – and serve with rice and it is absolutely delicious. We have served many of our friends meals made with Concepta’s curry, and it’s always been a hit, and most ask how they can get it for themselves. We have encouraged Concepta to start her own restaurant, but Concepta’s Spice Mix is the next best thing! ~C. Carlson

  • Concepta’s curry is one of my all-time favorite dishes! I was so excited when I got the recipe, so I could make it myself anytime. Her ingredients are deliciously authentic, and the recipe is even easy enough for a beginner cook like me to follow. I 100% recommend this recipe!

    ~N. Anderson